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Susan Given Seymour, M.Ed., Director of Cooperative Extension, Outreach and Community Education.??Susan has been working at Northwest Indian College for twenty + years.? Currently she directs programming in the areas of Traditional Foods & Medicines, Financial Literacy, Cultural Arts, Youth Leadership Development, Tribal Casino Management, & Tribal Museum Studies.? Susan serves on the Native American Advisory Board to the Burke Museum.? She has been described as a “museum junky”.

Elizabeth Campbell, Traditional Foods Educator,?specializes in growing and gathering healthy food. She received a Bachelor of Arts from the Evergreen State College focusing on Education, Native American studies and the Practice of Sustainable Agriculture. She is the program assistant for the N.W. Indian Treatment Center’s Traditional Foods and Medicines Project. As a member of the Spokane Tribe she grew up harvesting native foods with her family. She now owns and operates a small organic family farm in Shelton, Washington.? Email:?

Tami Chock, Community Outreach Programs Coordinator,? joined the Cooperative Extension team in January 2010 after serving for nearly 10 years at a non-profit organization in the Lummi tribal community. She earned her BS in Environmental Science and Elementary Education, and is currently earning her MEd. Tami provides organizational support and works with Cooperative Extension staff to design evaluations that can be used to continually improve our department and programs to meet the needs of the communities we serve.? Email:?

Vanessa Cooper, Lummi Traditional Plants Educator,?is an enrolled member of the Lummi tribe and has worked for the Northwest Indian College’s Cooperative Extension since 2006. She now coordinates the Lummi Traditional Food Project and teaches community education classes on the uses of traditional plants as food and for healthy living. Her work promotes healthy lifestyle changes by providing opportunities for the community to participate in activities that encourage making healthy choices. She is passionate about working side by side with her community in bringing the cultural teachings to life.? Email:?

Elise Krohn, Traditional Foods Educator and Herbalist, is passionate about cultivating healing relationships between plants and people.? Since 2005 she has taught classes, developed curriculum and coordinated events for the Northwest Indian College Cooperative Extension’s Traditional Plants and Foods Program.? Elise also directs the NWIC Traditional Foods and Medicines program at the Northwest Indian Treatment Center. She has a Master of Education from Leslie University and a Bachelor of Science from The Evergreen State College.? Elise is the author of the book?Wild Rose and Western Red Cedar?and the co-author of?Feeding the People, Feeding the Spirit.? Email:?


La Belle Urbanec, Institute of Indigenous Foods and Traditions Coordinator,?“Undergraduate internships have expanded my indigenous awareness and understanding of the environmental impacts on our culture(s). Each of these internships has reinforced my belief that we need to address our environmental issues with a louder voice and a proactive attitude. I believe that our traditional cultural ways of interacting with our surroundings need to be melded with current pro-environmental practices to work toward a healthier environment for all.”?Email:?

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