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The Traditional Plants and Foods Program?is a long-term general wellness and diabetes prevention program that recognizes the therapeutic value of traditional foods and medicines.? Regular gatherings are hosted by many tribal communities.? We offer educational resources, ?? tribal community workshops, and more.? Read more

The Institute of Indigenous Foods and Traditions?is a house of knowledge where NWIC Cooperative Extension program successes and resources can be shared. Through embracing ancestral teachings and identifying successful models for change, we are working to build tribal community strength and resilience. The Institute offers an annual conference, leadership development, train the trainers programs, best practices think tanks, and models for systemic community change.??Read more

The Lummi Traditional Foods Project?was started in 2009 to increase access to healthy local foods and traditional foods in the Lummi community.? Twenty Lummi families receive boxes of fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables throughout the spring, summer and fall. ?Plus, educational programs have taught the families about 1) preparation and preservation of foods received, 2) general nutrition, 3) how to shop for healthy foods on a fixed budget, and 4) ways to gather, prepare, and preserve traditional and wild-harvested foods.??Read more

The Muckleshoot Food Sovereignty Project?was started in 2010 to build community food security by examining that tribe’s food assets and accessibility.? Monthly hands-on workshops that address traditional food principles and a modern approach to a traditional foods diet are offered.? Traditional foods feasts are planned that feature seasonal foods and offer community members a chance to learn more about when, where, and how to harvest each food.??Read more

The NWITC Traditional Foods and Medicines Programis offered through a partnership with the Northwest Indian Treatment Center in Elma, Washington.? Classes offered to inpatient residents address methods for growing, harvesting, processing, and preparation.? Tribal elders, storytellers, and cultural specialists speak as part of the program. ?Patients gain hands-on experience by working in three on-site teaching gardens.??Read more

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